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Expert, Precise, Thorough

Therapy Billing Services has a goal to help you increase your profits through billing that is timely and precise.



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Start Up

Including aid in:

  • opening new clinics

  • organization

  • NPI(s)

  • insurance credentialing

  • software set-up

AR Clean-up


  • 30 - 120 day old unpaid claims

  • online and telephone research

  • audit paid claims for incorrect/unnecessary write-offs

  • resubmission and/or appeals of claims



  • credentialing

  • re-credentialing

  • re-attesting

Full Billing


  • claim scrubbing

  • claim submission

  • patient billing support

  • client support

  • etc.

We’re Good with Numbers


Owner's Years of Experience in Physical Therapy/Massage Therapy Billing


Team Members Combined Years of Experience


Average A/R for Claims Older than 60 Days


     Therapy Billing Services has a combined total of over 37 years of experience in aiding physical therapists and massage therapists to get the maximum value for their services based upon their contracts with insurance companies.


     We value our clients and the important services they provide patients and believe that they deserve to be paid fully for their work. Too often, profits are lost through write-offs and through lack of follow through on claims. We work each claim fully and do everything possible to ensure that payment is received by our clients.

     With our experience in medical billing and specialization in physical therapy and massage therapy medical billing, we have the knowledge and skills to chase claims through the various twists and turns that insurance plans can have.

     Therapy Billing Services have tailored our services to our clients' unique needs: we can help with the challenges of starting up and credentialling. We can help with re-credentialling. We offer an A/R clean-up service where we help get your accounts receivable under control. We also offer full billing service which includes claims scrubbing, claims submission, working claims as they come in, answering customer questions, start-up, credentialing/re-credentialing, A/R clean-up, as well as billing support where we help educate our clients about the ins and outs of insurance, billing, etc.

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